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Hong Kong – April 21 – ViewSonic® Corp., a leading global provider of computing, consumer electronics and communications solutions, partnered with Microsoft today to enter the shared resource computing market with the announcement of the ViewSonic MultiClient™ Solution. Tailored for the education market, the ViewSonic MultiClient™ Solution efficiently enhances teaching quality in a digital environment and provides students with better access to computing facilities. With the ViewSonic MultiClient™ Solution, teaching and learning will become smarter and more interactive.

Under the trend of shared resource computing, ViewSonic provides an innovative way to boost productivity with fewer computer resources. The ViewSonic MultiClient™ Solution allows multiple users to share a single PC while working at individual stations. It offers a flexible combination of IT configurations which can satisfy the diverse needs of not only schools, but also businesses, libraries and public kiosks. It affordably maximizes efficiency while presenting you with optimized performance.

As environmental protection has become one of the most important global issues, a key concern of many organizations is how to achieve more with less. "To meet these challenges, ViewSonic's superior LED and LCD monitors provide different levels of solutions to build the teaching experience beyond your expectations," said Michael Chan, General Manager of ViewSonic Hong Kong & Macau. "ViewSonic has a wide range of IT products and is dedicated to the development of environmental technology." The ViewSonic MultiClient™ Solution is recyclable, RoHS compliant and TCO Certified to benefit both the user and the environment.

Low Cost, High Efficiency

Based on Microsoft's MultiPoint Server, the ViewSonic MultiClient™ Solution makes computing easy. Multiple users can share a single PC, which can comfortably support five to ten workstations. With the familiar Windows-based interface, IT personnel can quickly set up and configure the MultiClient™ Solution.

Thanks to significantly lower acquisition, maintenance and operating costs, the ViewSonic MultiClient™ Solution can reduce the total cost of ownership as much as 60%. In terms of power savings, integrating the ViewSonic MultiClient™ Solution can reduce energy consumption by approximately 70%.

The ViewSonic MultiClient™ Solution is both economical and effective. It provides flexible IT offerings to meet the demands of various organizations, including schools, small- and medium-sized businesses, libraries, train stations, airports and museums. The ViewSonic MultiClient™ Solution also provides unbeatable service quality, easier management and higher security. With reliable and flexible IT solutions, educators and businesses can find the most efficient way to allocate limited funds.

Features of the ViewSonic MultiClient™ Solution

Lower Long-Term Total Cost of Ownership
Organizations today must purchase a number of PCs to match growing numbers of students or users; however, powerful computers are often left sitting idle or underutilized with simple tasks. The ViewSonic MultiClient™ Solution, embedded with Microsoft Multipoint Server 2011, lets 5-10 users share a single PC while working at separate stations. Thanks to significantly lower acquisition, maintenance and energy costs, you can reduce your total cost of ownership as much as 60%.

Less Maintenance
ViewSonic along with Microsoft provide IT professionals with a win-win solution. The MultiClient™ Solution can be configured to enhance efficiency, and since the Microsoft MultiPoint Server 2011 is based on the familiar Windows platform, there is virtually no learning curve to conquer. Educators and business executives can maximize their computing resources with minimum effort.

More Green with Environmentally Friendly Technology
The ViewSonic MultiClient™ Solution can replace a whole fleet of older PCs with at least 80% fewer units. Compared with a single PC that devours hundreds of watts of electricity, each ViewSonic MultiClient™ workstation can reduce energy consumption by approximately 70%. ViewSonic's environmentally friendly technology lets you enjoy industry-leading solutions with peace of mind.

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