Full HD Home Theater Laser Projector with Rec.709

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    Modern design and stunning performance. Laser TV is the perfect fit for your living room.


    Viewsonic's LS820 Laser TV paired with the BrilliantColorPanel™(projector screen) is available in 100" or 120" and delivers an astonishing visual experience with crisp detail in ambient light environments, bringing the world of entertainment right into your home. With the help of laser phosphor technology and Rec. 709 color accuracy, this projector is equipped with all the tools necessary to deliver incredibly rich color and razor-sharp imagery for any occasion. Unlike the traditional projector design, the LS820's innovative 0.23 ultra short throw ratio means that it can be subtly positioned within inches of a wall, allowing the flexibility necessary for fitting into the design of any home entertainment space. Packed with 3,500 lumens, it ensures that display quality will remain consistent without being affected by bright ambient lighting. The LS820 also features instant on/off and a hidden PortAll™ compartment which accommodates additional accessories such as a wireless streaming device or PC stick. With its refined design and stunning performance, the LS820 is certain to add an air of sophistication and grace to any modern home entertainment space.


    Refined Design Quality

    With its sleek, modern minimalist design sporting an elegant black finish, LS820 lends a hand to a stylish home entertainment space.

    Laser Phosphor Technology

    LS820 comes equipped with a laser phosphor light source designed to deliver superior color uniformity and ultra-high brightness display.

    Precision Color Accuracy

    LS820 utilizes the international HDTV standard for color accuracy, which covers a wider range of the color gamut to ensure that you see colors exactly as they were meant to be seen.

    A Truly Immersive Experience

    Optional BrilliantColorPanel™ achieves a contrast ratio 4-times higher than that of an average projector screen, enhancing the most delicate shades of color and giving off the feel as if you are in the middle of the action.

    Vivid Clarity and Colors

    LS820 features Full 1080p HD color resolution for a sharp, colorful picture without pixel distortion.

    Ultra Short Throw Allows for Ultimate Flexibility

    0.23 ultra short throw lens allows for simple and flexible set up. Placing it as close as 21cm away from a wall will project a 100" image and give the projector a subtle presence.

    Breathtaking Brightness in Any Environment

    Packed with 3,500 lumens of output, LS820 is well equipped to produce bright images in any environment – with notable performance in rooms with high ambient light.

    Spectacular Size With a Narrow Bezel

    Optional BrilliantColorPanel™ with its breathtaking 100"/120" image size and 1cm narrow bezel, it's guaranteed to make a splash.

    Stunning Display in Bright Environments

    Engineered with innovative panel technology, the ridged surface of BrilliantColorPanel™ is designed to deflect 90% of ambient light while leaving the color being displayed on the screen unaffected.

    Shipping and Installation Made Easy

    The design of optional BrilliantColorPanel™ is light and easy to transport, consisting of a roll-able soft screen that weighs in at a mere 12.5kgs (100"), making shipping and installation simple.

    Powerful Speaker Design, Powerful Sound

    LS820's speaker system comes equipped with a 3" mid-range speaker paired with a 1" silk tweeter for achieving a more balanced, lifelike sound quality. The speaker's ported design allows sound to be thrown further for louder, more concentrated sound.

    SonicExpert® Powered by Waves MaxxAudio

    Unlike traditional projector speakers, LS820's high-volume chamber with ViewSonic's proprietary SonicExpert® is powered by Waves MaxxAudio to deliver the absolute best-in-class sound for a premium audio experience.

    SonicMode Powered by Waves MaxxAudio

    LS820’s embedded DSP chip along with SonicMode powered by Waves MaxxAudio is able to fine tune sound performance and provides 3 different scenario application modes to choose from.
    1. Standard: balanced sound for most types of audio
    2. Speech: best for spoken word and conference calls
    3. Entertainment: tuned for music & video with more bass


    下載電子型錄 PDF
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    投影技術 種類 TI DMD 0.65
    解析度(原始) 1920x1080 (Full HD)
    F Stop/焦距mm 2.4
    對焦/變焦 可透過視訊控制系統來調整/ 沒有
    梯形修正 +/- 30° (水平/垂直校正)
    自動梯形校正 垂直校正
    投影尺寸 80" ~ 150"
    投影距離 0.43 m ~ 0.8 m
    對焦比 0.23
    燈泡 390 W
    燈泡壽命(正常/超級環保模式) 15,000 / 20,000 (Ecco mode) (hours)
    亮度(流明) 3,500 Lumens
    對比度 100,000:1
    色彩深度 1.07 Billion Colors (30 bits per color)
    Color Wheel Dual Wheel System (RYGW) / 7200rpm
    光學偏移 137.6 +-5%
    音訊 喇叭 8W Cube x2
    輸入訊號 視訊 480i and 576i, 480p and 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
    頻率 (H/V) 15 ~ 100 KHz / 24 ~ 120 Hz
    相容性 PC 可支援最高到1920x1080@60Hz
    Mac 可支援最高到1920x1080@60Hz
    連接頭 VGA 輸入 x2
    VGA 輸出 x1
    數位輸入 HDMI x1 / HDMI (MHL2.0) x1
    Composite 輸入 RCA x1
    S 端子 x1
    色差輸出 x2(跟VGA輸入端子共用)
    音訊輸入 3.5mm mini jack x1, RCA(L/R) x1
    音訊輸出 3.5mm mini jack x1, RCA(L/R) x1
    控制端子 RS-232
    USB Type A x1 (充電) / Mini type B x1 (維護與滑鼠控制) / Micro USB Wire x1 (充電)
    Lan x1
    3D VESA x1
    DC 輸出 x1
    電源 電壓 100~240Vac 50/60Hz (自動轉換)
    消耗功率 450 W (最高)
    待機狀態 <0.5W
    使用環境條件 溫度 0°C ~ 35°C (32°F ~ 104°F)
    溼度 0% ~ 90% (非冷凝)
    噪音標準 正常/環保模式 28dB (環保模式)
    外觀尺寸 實體(寬x深x高) 508 x 392 x165 mm/ 20” x 15.43 ” x 6.5”
    重量 淨重 13.6 kgs / 29.96 lbs
    通過安規   CB, cTUVus, FCC, CE. EMC, CCC, GS
    包裝內容物   1. Power Cord, 1.8m, black x 1 / 2. VGA Cable, 1.8m, black x 1 / 3. Remote Control with Batteries (With Laser pointer) x1 / 4. Quick Start Guide (one sheet version) x1 / 5. ViewSonic CD Wizard (With User Manual) x 1 / 6. HDMI Cable
    Oct 2016

    ViewSonic LS820 Short Throw Home Theater Projector

    ViewSonic LS820 Short Throw Home Theater Projector

    ““The ViewSonic LS820 is a full HD (1920x1080) 3D home theater projector with two killer features that fully justify its $2999 MAP price. The first is its ultra-short throw, which lets you place it on a table within inches of a wall-mounted screen, run data and power cables to it with no more effort than connecting an HDTV, and have a far bigger image than you can get with any comparably priced TV--even if you include the price of a screen. The second is a laser-and-phosphor-wheel light source with a 20,000-hour life in Eco mode and a three-year warranty.”” - M. David Stone

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